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Symptoms and Signs of Mesothelioma

Symptoms and Signs of Mesothelioma

A pleural mesothelioma can affect the entire pleura and spread to neighboring organs such as the lungs or the diaphragm. The consequences are, for example, shortness of breath(dyspnea), chest pain and loss of appetite.

Here are some signs that could indicate there is a problem:

  • Do you have trouble swallowing anything?
  • When you eat, does it seem harder to get your food down?
  • If you cough, or have shortness of breath. If you sweat excessively, if you have fatigue or pain in the lower back or perhaps the chest.
  • If you lose weight without even attempting to.

Much more common than pleural mesothelioma are metastases, that is, offshoots of other tumors, in the pleura. These originate, for example, from lung, breast or prostate cancer.

Risk factors

The most important risk factor for the development of a malignant mesothelioma is the inhalation of asbestos. Mesothelioma may occur decades after exposure mesothelioma diagnosis to asbestos. If asbestos dust is suspected as a cause, this should be reported to the employer's accident insurance, even if someone is already retired.

Asbestosis basically falls between occupational diseases. The asbestos, also known as asbestos, belongs to the family of silicates and has structural, mechanical and thermal properties that, in the past, made it useful for inclusion in materials for the building and the boats, in the automobile brakes coatings and in some tissues. Today, the use of asbestos has been abandoned, but there are still many structures that are not reclaimed. specific occupations at risk include plumbers, miners, electricians, clerks asbestos remediation and the shipyard workers, construction, railway industry and metallurgy. secondary exposure can occur even among family members of workers exposed to asbestos dust, and among people who live near particularly polluted places.

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