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It start with parent forcing us to study...

It start with parent forcing us to study...
I am kind of dislike study person but my parent force me to study. So i forced myself to study until university get a foundation, I am happy to show them i done it but i feel sad unsatisfy certain thing. I feel i not live not for myself. I feel live for family expectation. I have to pretend being someone i am not. My passion is music. I really dislike study because university couse all drive student go crazy or drop out waste of money. My suggestion smart people will go library study themselves if they really wanted degree so bad. Anyway, it just a  toilet paper for u to pursuit.  You have to be honest to yourself to become real deal person in making things work in your field. Do not copy and paste people work in university. You will  end up like body with empty blood.  I went to psychiatary i saw a person copy and paste people work and cheat in exam. In the end he cannot find a job. I think core reason he unable to answer employer job core question. Result unemployed.

It is because my family says i am ashame them. I do a lot good deed to friends just let my parent see i not bad person but they never understand about it.after that i done 5 person work just one person in university assignment.they Keep say i am ashame to them till today. Make me sad.  Furthermore, society start to say us crazy and certain thing put thing blame on us make fun of us it seem it is not our fault for the mental illness. U call us crazy do u know our craziness come from?

Workplace and online gaming world such as dota 2 or any moba world how they treat us...

First, they calling us retard, stupid, mental Alzheimer, make u feel u are the worst person in the world.  My parent make me feel i am worst person in the world and worker and friends too. Until i decided back from work grab a knife and try end my life. Beside, my lover dump me and friend alienate me, work place also alienate me.working also suffering not happy every being called like a dog. One night i make a huge decision to end my life. I tired of these bad ass punk ass people mouth and attitude. I stab myself and u blame us crazy it seem is u people fault first. Why put all fault to the person who stab to himself? Not everyone have high endurance of bad mouth u all punk ass.

How family discriminate and alienate us...

Yes, I am youngest of the family of 2 brothers and one elder sister. My brother all  alienate me knewing i got this mental illness. They always thinking u are crazy. Prepare say crazy thing from your mouth. They will say WHAT??? what??? thought u start say crazy thing... when you stated out oppinion family member will look down your opinion. saying no not like that is like that and that. Whatever decision you working on they say not going to work. U scare of stress cannot do it. fuck it! then why not let me suicide be happy in hell? really dumb fuck people

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